Potty Training Myth: Parents Can Decide When a Child is Ready

Trust that your little on will give you signs that he or she is ready to start potty training. Whether they take an interest in what you're doing in the bathroom or start taking off their diaper or tell you when they're going #1 or #2, they are actually saying that they're ready! Expect a longer and more detailed post on this soon. 

Is There a Potty Training Magic Bullet?

Nope! There isn't any potty training magic bullet that will have your kiddo potty trained over night. But you can make the magic of potty training happen faster than average by being committed to helping your child succeed and following our simple philosophy. BottomZz Up doesn't claim to be a magic bullet, either. But, we are here to help you fit potty training into your busy life and get results more quickly than the average, and considerably more damaging to the earth, method.