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Potty training. The final frontier. That last, squishy step toward total toddler independence. Like every other major milestone, it’s gonna be a process. But it doesn’t have to stink (well, okay, it does)! BottomZz Up is redefining the A, B, C’s of potty training, replacing all those confusing, unnecessary steps with a simple process that works – in half the time of other methods.


Disclaimer:  Please note that sitting in a wet BottomZz Up pant will put additional pressure on the insert and may cause leakage. BottomZz Up is not intended to act like a diaper or plastic training pant. BottomZz Up are transitional training pants designed to allow toddlers to experience their accident by feeling wet. If your child does not communicate feeling wetness after having an accident, we recommend reviewing our signs for when your child is ready to start potty training. If you need additional support please contact us at