Potty Training in 5 Simple Steps


Put your kiddo in BottomZz Up potty training underwear and inserts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (not the same pair, please). Place the absorbent insert into the front pocket of the BottomZz Up pant with the glossy side facing the toddler. 


Hang the reward chart in your bathroom, send your kiddo to the potty periodically, and slap a sticker on that sucker (the chart, not your kiddo) for every effort. In case you missed it, kids love stickers.


Accidents happen. When they do, the proprietary BottomZz Up technology lets your toddler feel the discomfort of being wet, while protecting their clothes and whatever they were sitting on (carpet? cat?). Toss the wet insert in the trash and the BottomZz Up in the washer and pull on a new pair with a fresh insert. 


Be consistent, even at bedtime! Remember, BottomZz Up lets kids feel wet without wetting their sheets or bedding. After a few nighttime accidents your super smarty will learn to get up when she needs to go potty, even at night.


Every kid is different, but after a few weeks of BottomZz Up, you should be seeing less accidents and more trips to the potty. When your pumpkin is a pro, complete the graduation certificate and CELEBRATE!