Parents cheer each baby step and every ba-ba-babble. Not so for potty training! This major milestone has become one of the most stressful, frustrating, time-consuming, money-wasting, messy events in a parent’s life. Kids pick up on their parents’ emotions and believe us it’s not helping.

At BottomZz Up we celebrate potty training like every other milestone. It is, after all, the last step toward total toddler independence. Our philosophy is simple: be consistent and be positive! The patented design of our 100%  eco-friendly & biodegradable potty training underwear does the rest, leaving you to cheer on your child with no annoying mess to clean up. In fact, if you follow the BottomZz Up program consistently, BottomZz Up can cut your child’s potty training time by half. Now that’s something to celebrate!

In addition to celebrating potty training, BottomZz Up celebrates our planet. We pride ourselves on helping to reduce the incredible waste and toxic chemicals that are a byproduct of disposable diapers. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this potty started!