What is BottomZz Up?

Who is BottomZz Up for?

BottomZz Up is for busy families who want to produce less waste, reduce potty training time, save money and keep it fun. BottomZz Up helps modern families potty train faster without having to invest in miscellaneous tricks and toys that just complicate and confuse your toddler.

How is BottomZz Up different from cheaper training underpants?

It actually allows your child to feel the wet but keeps everything outside of the child dry. Cotton training underpants leak out onto their clothes and make a bigger mess. Plastic training pants with inserts tend to wick away any moisture not allowing for the child to feel wet or uncomfortable. Unlike plastic or disposable training pants, BottomZz Up are100%  eco-friendly & biodegradable.

How do I insert the insert properly?

The glossy side is the absorbent side so this side should face the child when inserted into the lined channel.

Why are the inserts so expensive?

The inserts were designed for hospital use to absorb fluid and blood without sticking to a patient’s wound. They are latex and dioxin free.

How do I wash the underwear? Can I bleach them?

They are machine washable and cotton with cold water and regular detergent. Because they inserts have spandex I would not bleach them. If a tough stain appears, I would spot clean them with a natural bleach alternative. We recommend Nellies, All Natural Wow stick stain remover….

Are there more sizes? 

The pants are designed to fit a 2T-3T Toddler. We plan to design more sizes once we establish a market.

What do you do with poop in the underwear? 

The same thing you do with poop in a diaper or pull-up you dispose of it in the toilet so it does not end up seeping into our ground water via landfills. Then, you dispose of the insert in the trash.

How is the on-the-go bag useful if it isn't waterproof? 

Because of the way that BottomZz Up was designed, the underwear are not going to be soaking wet after you throw away the insert; the insert is that absorbent. If something weird happens like the pad wasn’t inserted right and everything got soaked, then the bag will not work properly. But, when the inserts and underpants are used properly, the on-the-go-bag will keep your undies safe until you can toss them in the washer. You can also toss the bag in the washer if need be.

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Disclaimer:  Please note that sitting in a wet BottomZz Up pant will put additional pressure on the insert and may cause leakage. BottomZz Up is not intended to act like a diaper or plastic training pant. BottomZz Up are transitional training pants designed to allow toddlers to experience their accident by feeling wet. If your child does not communicate feeling wetness after having an accident, we recommend reviewing our signs for when your child is ready (link to blog post or FAQs for potty training) to start potty training. If you need additional support please contact us at