Why does it matter when or how I potty train my child?

It’s personal choice but pre-schools normally require it at 3 years old. And, potty training earlier tends to be easier for families with older children that have busy schedules and can’t be on potty training lockdown.

How do I know when my child is ready to potty train?

Your child will show you, they will follow you into the bathroom, flush the toilet, ask questions, and tell you or show you when they go potty in their diapers.

My child is not really talking yet. Will that make it harder to potty train? Should I wait?

Yes, I would wait till they are showing you signs that they are interested, otherwise it will take longer and create frustration on everyone’s part.

How does this program help me potty train faster?

It allows your child to feel the wet, while pull-ups do not. By using the BottomZz Up process along with the pants they will learn when and how to go to the bathroom naturally.

What should I do to start the potty training process?

Talk to your child excitedly about growing up and using the potty. Gauge if they are ready and want too. If so, hang up the sticker chart and make it fun!

What does Encourage, Participate, Celebrate mean?

See our page dedicated to this philosophy. How it works. Learn more

How do I use the toolkit properly? 

Simply follow the 5 steps and do your best to stay consistent and positive for your learning little one.

How do I encourage my child without being demanding or negative? 

Stay positive, and celebrate every attempt by rewarding them with a sticker on their wall chart. Even if they miss the potty, make a mess, or tell you after the fact. Those are all steps in the right direction and you don’t want to discourage them. Talk through what worked and what to do more of next time.

How do I celebrate with my child besides giving him/her a sticker? 

Tell them how proud you are, and what a big kid they are and how exciting it is that they’ll get to play without a diaper soon.

How do I handle accidents? 

You stay positive. If you get upset, they will get upset.  Talk about associating the feeling of having to go with going and listening to your body.

Do I have to get up multiple times during the night? If so, when and for how long?

No, it’s not necessary to get up in the night. There are many ideas for this one depending on your child. Please contact Lynn at info@bottomzzup.com for a customized plan for tackling nights if you’re having trouble. 

What about when we’re traveling or in a place where bathrooms are scarce or hard to get to?

BottomZz Up allows for an on the go lifestyle but that does not mean you stop potty training every time you go out. It simply means that parents will need to be aware of and communicate with their child when and where bathrooms are available during outings. By wetting themselves a few times in these situations, they’ll learn to let you know when they have to go sooner and they’ll learn to hold it until you can find a bathroom. So grown up! 

How do you know when your child is potty trained?

You will notice an upswing in them telling you when they need to go and that they are going to the bathroom all on their own.

What if we still haven’t gotten it after the chart month is over?

If after a week or two they have not shown signs of improvement I would reconsider postponing potty training. Or, you can always buy another chart and stickers and keep refining the ways that stickers are earned to encourage progress.


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