BottomZz Up Potty Training Coaching Services


Lynn Ell Tilker, founder and creator of BottomZz Up, offers personalized potty training coaching based on the 3 basic potty phases that families find themselves struggling with: Potty Planning, Potty Training and Potty Panic. Whatever your situation is, it often helps to consult someone who not only knows the ins and outs of potty training (Lynn has helped hundreds celebrate potty training) but can also lend a sympathetic ear and provide an actionable plan that works specifically for you.

We believe that a simple phone call can help alleviate even the most difficult situation.

Our Coaching Service starts at just $75.00. After we understand what your specific situation is we can create a custom package that fits your needs and your budget.

Contact Lynn here to get a quote and get started on your journey toward staying positive while celebrating this milestone!

Let's get this potty started®! 


Potty Planning

You want to be prepared for potty training, but you're not sure what, when or how to do it. We've got the answers to your questions so that you are ready to go. Lynn will help you devise a solid plan ready to put in place when the time comes and your child shows the signs of being ready for potty training.


Potty Training

You're ready but your little one is not so sure. Or, maybe you're not so sure how to get started and stay consistent throughout the process. Lynn will help you get your plan together, help your family feel positive about the experience and stay motivated throughout the process.


Potty Panic

Time is of the essence. Does your child have to be potty trained in time for the school year? Or, is there an unexpected behavior that you're having trouble working through? Lynn can help simplify even the most confusing reaction or circumstances surrounding potty training.