Is BottomZz Up 100% Eco-Friendly?

ottomZz Up is not intended to be 100% green. It’s intended to be something that reduces the use of disposables and offers a solution between complete cotton and a big mess, and putting loads of bulky and toxic Pull-Ups that take hundreds of years to decompose into landfills.

How does BottomZz Up reduce waste? 

The cotton underwear is washable which makes it reusable. You are only disposing a thin absorbent insert which is about 85% less waste then a plastic training pant.

What are the inserts made of?

They are made of a patented material with no latex, no dangerous chemicals, and no dioxins.

Are the inserts flushable or compostable?

No they are not. I have yet to find anything that works as well as our patented insert that is flushable or compostable. With that said, I am still researching and developing and as soon as I find a way to make them flushable or compostable, I will make that our new standard.

Are the inserts reusable?

They are not. I have yet to find anything reusable that works as well as our patented insert. But, if I find a reusable solution that really works, I will proudly make the switch.

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