How Much Money Does Potty Training Save You?

Well, if you add up the average cost of diapers per child, potty training will save you $790 per year! That's a great reason to start potty training earlier and to be consistent and persistent with your tactics to help out our green planet by reducing waste and to reduce your own expense. We're sure that every family can find a great use for that money they save once their kiddos are potty trained!

When Did You Start Potty Training?

At what age did you start potty training your tot? How did you know it was the right time to start? Do you have any regrets? Share your thoughts with our community in the comments below. We believe that every child shows signs of being ready at some point, but sometimes you have to get your potty started to meet the demands of preschools and other situations. We want to hear about your frustrations and successes to help us be the best potty training resource around.

Hilarious Potty Training Fails!

Share with us, we want to hear! What was your most hilarious potty training fail? Did you bribe your kiddo with candy? Did you let them pee all over your mother-in-law's fancy couch? Did you let them sleep in their wet sheets? Did you end up using disposable training pants for WAAAAY too long? We know. Potty training is just as hard for parents as it is for kids. If only BottomZz Up was around when we were potty training the first time!