your home is commode central

Feel the wet. You gotta’ let ‘em feel the wet. It may be gross, but the only thing that stops toddlers in their tracks and sends ‘em racing for the royal throne is that super-uncomfortable, “I peed my pants” feeling. Training pants don’t do it – they whisk the wet away, leaving toddlers to play, perfectly happy, atop a dry pad of pee and baffling parents as to why their little princes and princesses still don’t know when they’ve got to go. 

BottomZz Up is the only potty training system that teaches tiny tinkers to stop, drop, and plop on the pot by letting them feel the discomfort of their accidents. Our 100% cotton potty training underwear features a patented design that lets kids feel wet when they are wet, while trapping the pee and protecting clothes, car seats, and your Persian rug. Perfect for families on-the-go, BottomZz Up offers the consistency and routine kids need, day and night, home or out on the town.  So drop your ineffective, confusing routine down the Diaper Genie and say BottomZz Up to real potty training! 


Toilet Trivia

Fact #1

Americans use approximately 27 billion single-use plastic diapers a year. That’s 7.6 billion pounds of waste! 

Fact #2

Disposable diapers and plastic training pants contain toxic Dioxin, one of the most toxic chemicals around. According to the EPA there is no “safe’ level of Dioxin for human exposure. 

Fact #3

Disposable diapers and training pants take between 200-500 years to decompose.