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BottomZz Up has you covered!  You have just a few days left to contribute to the potty training revolution. Our eco-savvy patented no-lead training pants and super absorbent inserts along with our fun and practical philosophy make BottomZz Up a game changer for potty training parents everywhere. Help us bring our invention to market by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign and you will be helping families and the planet.


BottomZz Up helps kids learn to potty train faster because they "feel" their accidents and know when it's time to go potty.

BottomZz Up patented cotton underwear prevent leaks when kids have accidents (unlike traditional undies) so that parents don't have to choose between potty training and having a life.

BottomZz Up makes potty training a celebration, like all milestones should be!

BottomZz Up eliminates exposure to dangerous toxins found in disposables.

BottomZz Up reduces landfill waste in two ways: 1. by utilizing small absorbent inserts inside cotton pants instead of complete disposable pants 2. reducing the amount of time that it takes to potty train.

BottomZz Up believes that you don't need to buy all of the extra plastic gear like a potty, pull-ups. In fact, doing that just makes potty training take longer!

BottomZz Up lets you be consistent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which helps children potty train faster.

Click on our Kickstarter link below to learn more and help us change the way that people potty train for good.  Let’s get this potty started! ®


Is Potty Training At 3 Years Old The New Normal?

Just think of all of those disposables that take 200 years or more EACH for all of those years. Why were kids potty trained by 2 years old 50 years ago? Because they could "feel the wet" in their cloth diapers. BottomZz Up let's kids feel wet without getting anything else wet so that you can be consistent and your little one can learn to potty train faster with less toxic exposure and less landfill waste. Hooray! Let's get this potty started!