QUIZ: Are You a BottomZz Up Mom?

Are you a BottomZz Up Mom? Take this quiz to find out if the BottomZz Up toolkit is the right option for you and your soon-to-be little potty pro!

Question #1: Do you struggle to find time in your busy life to devote to potty training? 

Question #2: Are you someone who is committed to buying products that are the best for your toddler’s safety and health? 

Question #3: Do you value fresh air, clean water, green spaces and healthy communities? 

Question #4: Do bodily fluids and fecal messes make you squeamish? 

Question #5: Do you think that parents can't “make” their toddlers potty train? 

Question #6: Are you patient and positive? 

Question #7: Are you an active, on-the go family that is always out and about or travels often?

Question #8: Do you avoid using harsh chemical cleaners in your home? 

Question #9: Does the thought of cleaning up potty accidents from your carpets and furniture give you anxiety? 

Question #10: Do you wish there was an answer for potty training that was somewhere between the "no pants" method and the "pull-ups forever" method? 

If you answered YES to 5 or more of these questions, then congratulations! You are a BottomZz Up Mom. Let's get this potty started!