We're Officially LIVE on Kickstarter!

This day has been seven years in the making. It has required the input and support of countless families, experts and professionals to bring this product to where we are today. The potty training revolution is finally REAL and we are so excited to be on the brink of bringing it to families everywhere!

Today, we launched the official BottomZz Up® Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to bring our refined and ready to rock (patented) product, plan and philosophy to potty training kids around the globe and change the way that people potty train for the better...forever! Let's get this potty started!®

We hope that you will help support this campaign by sharing it with friends and family and by contributing funds in order to get your BottomZz Up® Toolkit (and more!) when it's ready to ship this September. And, we're giving special BIG discounts on our patented product and system to people who donate to our Kickstarter campaign.

If you're planning on potty training, know someone who is, or wish that this sort of solution existed when you were potty training, then we need you to help support our cause by sharing the campaign and/or contributing.

Thank you for your support whether you're new to BottomZz Up, have been with us all the way or jumped on board somewhere in between. We wouldn't be here without you!

What makes BottomZz Up® so different from other potty training solutions out there?

BottomZz Up® patented cotton underpants let kids feel wet without getting everything else wet; which allows for consistency 24 hours a day and encourages potty training to occur more quickly.

BottomZz Up® provides parents with everything they need to rock potty training in one box! It's a product, a philosophy and a party!

BottomZz Up® is the perfect fit for eco-savvy families who are hesitant to go straight to underpants but don’t want to contribute masses of training pants (that take 200+ years to decompose EACH) to landfills.

BottomZz Up® eliminates exposure to dangerous dioxins and latex.

BottomZz Up® believes that potty training is the last big step to toddler independence and this product helps them (and You) make it fun and simple to celebrate their success. They CAN do this!